How worn out climbing shoes are given new life

Worn out climbing shoes

A potential job offer with a local climbing shoe resoler has entered the realm of my reality. I’ve decided to take this opportunity to share what I’m learning about resoling shoes. After a quick search I came to understand a very basic concept. Remove the outsole from the shoe. Inspect the ran and remove if in need of repair. Clean leftover glue and residue to create a smooth surface. Apply the new rubber, carefully sand and brush to desired … Continue Reading

Super Green Eggs

For optimal nutrition and chemical avoidance in the United States, I prefer locally sourced Organic and Non-GMO options if possible. The EWG’s list of “clean fifteen and the dirty dozen” rates produce on the levels of pesticides remaining in the end product. This information can help you decide which produce is necessary to purchase organic and which produce is “ok” to purchase conventionally. Personally, I strive to support local farms when possible rather than the … Continue Reading

A dream climbing circuit

This Map depicts an example of an epic climbing circuit with stops at many major destinations in North America. Most circuits are not this intensive due to employment restraints, seasonal time restraints, and gas expenses. But when you live to climb, traveling year round is key for chasing the perfect performance conditions. It’s a gypsy way of life some would say.