The Devils Tower

Wyoming has amazing landscapes throughout the state, but The Devil’s Tower is a unique National Monument. So unique in fact, Geologists still can’t decide how the tower was formed exactly. A sign at the base of the formation depicts three competing theories, neither of which are provable beyond a doubt. The Devils Tower catapulted me out of my comfort zone. With little hesitation, I nervously accepted the challenge.   The Devils Tower provided many first experiences for me, with the help of Mountain Project’s … Continue Reading

Intro to Rock Climbing – Terms and Jargon

Climbers of all disciplines; Traditional, Aid, Sport, Bouldering, Ice Climbing, and Mountaineering use slang words in order to better describe and relate concepts to specific aspects of climbing. It’s actually a really cool thing if you think about it, climbers literally make up words that are later added to dictionaries when they become widely used in the community. The same goes for other people embedded in specific niches of society from surfers, to programmers, to scientific researchers discovering … Continue Reading

Sunday Funday Fitness Challenge!

Today’s challenge is something I’ve been excited to complete weekly; this post marks the first week. The challenge combines bicycling, hiking, trail running, and rock climbing. Here’s the rundown. Bicycle from Movement Climbing + Fitness in Boulder, CO to the Bluebell Trail at Chautauqua Park. (Baseline fitness takes approximately 1 hour) HIIT training up the Chautauqua Trail and Second/Third Flatiron Trail to the base of the The Second Flatiron. This is part of the challenge … Continue Reading

How worn out climbing shoes are given new life

Worn out climbing shoes

A potential job offer with a local climbing shoe resoler has entered the realm of my reality. I’ve decided to take this opportunity to share what I’m learning about resoling shoes. After a quick search I came to understand a very basic concept. Remove the outsole from the shoe. Inspect the ran and remove if in need of repair. Clean leftover glue and residue to create a smooth surface. Apply the new rubber, carefully sand and brush to desired … Continue Reading